Diving in Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina’s coast has some of the best diving spots in the Southern region of Brazil. The Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve, next to Florianópolis and Bombinhas, is the preferred site for scuba divers. Whereas fans of snorkeling will find great sites for underwater adventures along the coast, islands and beaches of Bombinhas, Porto Located 6.5 km from Bombinhas, this is the best scuba diving point in the south of Brazil, with great biodiversity of species for observation (grouper, octopus, stingrays, squid, scallops, lobsters, turtles, dolphins, penguins, whales etc.). The average visibility varies from 10 to 18 m, and diving can reach a depth of 30 m. Only licensed operators can carry out trips to this reserve of great ecological and scientific importance, with various restrictionsEven those who have never dived before can try out the sport for the first time, counting on the secure infrastructure offered by the various operators in the city. Diving is preceded by theoretical explanations (some school offer training in pools) so that students can become familiar with safety rules for scuba diving and the use of the cylinder. This is mainly undertaken at Ilha do Arvoredo, Ponta do Estaleiro and Ilha do Macuco (or Ilha do Amendoim).Belo, Florianópolis, and Garopaba.



mergulho em arvoredohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-i1k0kU9lw



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